May 01, 2011

Free of Pretense

Showing Some Love Glitter Graphics -

Swinging in the breeze
Weightless and free
No strings attached
Unconditional love

Ears to listen
A shoulder to lean on
Advice if you request it
Tissues at the ready

No phony baloney
No bullshit either
Showing some love
With genuine feelings


Ms. A said...

Well, thank you!

(Pretense, that relaxed comfortable feeling you have, right before something slips loose and comes unglued) JK

LL Cool Joe said...

Unconditional love, is the best kind of love.

Anne H said...

Great post - awesome concept!

TechnoBabe said...

As.A, You are very welcome, my dear.
I am glad you "get me".

LL Cool Joe, You are a good example of someone who knows unconditional love, my friend.

Anne H, Thank you so much. The concept isn't my inspiration; I am happy to continue to spread the word.

Brian Miller said...

nice...sounds like the good kinda love...minus the bullshit....haha...nice

DJan said...

I always love your posts, and I wish you a life free of pretense, and lots of unconditional love. Happy First Day of May!

Casey Freeland said...

That was very sweet, lady. Wonderfully done. Very comforting read on a Sunday morning.



Anonymous said...

I bet you always have and give unconditional love.

Thanks for thi piece! Really nice. :)

lisleman said...

as I read this with the swinging words, I thought she is "hanging out her shingle"
Dear Technobabe takes on the Dear Abby/whatever ?
unconditional love is the best and you have shown it in many of your comments - thanks

Margie said...

Nice, thanks TechoBabe!
I like it!

Stickup Artist said...

I think you've come up with the perfect definition for the word: Friend.

TechnoBabe said...

Brian, Yep, the good kinda love for sure.

DJan, Right back atcha.

Casey, Comforting is good.

Maggie, I try.

lisleman, I like the idea of this being my swinging shingle.

TechnoBabe said...

Margie, Thanks for your sweet comment.

Stickup Artist, Thanks, friend.

Shrinky said...

This inspired by someone close to you (smile)? He sounds one special man, but then, I guess he is lucky enough to have a very special lady in his life, too!

Cinner said...

Loved this, a love with no bull shit, fabulous. I like that.have a great week, be well.

Cricket said...

Very nice. Now, just for fun, go listen to Andy Summers and Robert Fripp's Girl On A Swing. That's what popped into my head as I read this.

p.s. hope you like the pie.

Mama Zen said...

I love it!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Amen to "No phony baloney"!
I know whenever I'm here I always get the real deal.
Thanks Techno. xo jj

Hilary said...

It's the only way to give it and receive it. A lovely post.

Syd said...

Nice to have that kind of love. It is hard to find and keep.

Eileen said...

Biggest Blessing in life ~ unconditional love.
At fifty-seven I'm still working on myself so I can return the Blessing.
Great poem!
Nice reminder.
All the best,