March 14, 2007


I use lists for groceries,
chores I need to do,
things I want to remember.

While sitting around one evening,
I started this list,
and it turned out to be fun.

Checking out
Fading out
Wigging out
Asking out
Barfing out
Chewing out
Drowning out
Freaking out
Passing out
Wiping out
Calling out
Pigging out
Dining out
Going out
Pulling out
Coming out
Tripping out
Breaking out
Grossing out
Walking out
Running out
Stalling out
Chickening out
Balancing out
Ordering out
Eating out
Rounding out
Bumming out
Throwing out
Bellowing out
Dumping out
Squeezing out
Farming out
Phasing out
Reaching out
Spreading out
Cashing out
Doling out
Maxing out
Timing out
Weaseling out
Bowing out
Panning out
Bottoming out
Bailing out
Crying out

These words don't have the same meaning when the words stand alone.
But add the word "out" and the phrase is different from the word.
Just thought it was interesting.


Fancy said...

Excellent use of words, Technobabe. I love the "bottoming out" bit. Thanks for sharing.

carina said...

Ooh. Fun idea for a list!
I make lists too. Every year I have the BIG Daytimer, the kind with a large page per day. I can't keep track of all my work stuff without it, and it's funny to look back at all the weird lists I make for myself.
Older I get, the longer the lists get. Hahaha.
So did you get a new can opener? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carina,
No new can opener yet, we found a different and better one in the drawer and seem to like it for now.
Yes, the lists need to be longer to keep track of more things for us as we get older.

Hi Fancy,
Do you make lists too? I like words so I like to see how to make the words different.