March 18, 2007


Today is the first day
of one day at a time.

There are new things to learn now.
New words, new vocabulary, new methods.
New lessons to be learned.
Healing to be initiated and received.
Every day is important.
Every day is valuable.
The universe is smiling.

The plan is to fill the joy box.
And deal with the sorrows.


Causalien said...

There can be no extreme joy without feeling sorrow before hand. A joy without sorrow is neutral and constant.

I've been pondering about the possibility of a constant and exciting joy. The type of joy that brings tear to a person for eternity. Is that possible?

Chuck Cliff said...

My two bits:

Life without love is so very lonely,
Love without fear is completely phoney.

The ways of love are filled with sorrows,
Without them, love is only borrowed.

To hold love back, to punish with its lack -- what kind of love, what kind of love is that?