March 23, 2007

Real Life

I have been surfing blogs for a year and a half now and have enjoyed writing and playing with this blog for six months.

The real pleasure derived from this blog is in the playfulness and creative outlet this blog provides.

There have been several bloggers who have decided to take a hiatus, some for a few days and many for a few months. It is good to hear them write about the need to achieve more balance between their real life and the blogosphere.

The reason I think this is significant is that I too have a real life. I am blessed to be in a solid, stable relationship. I choose to participate in this relationship while I continue to work on my defects.

I am so grateful to read special blogs regularly and be enlightened and entertained and stimulated by their contents. I choose not to blog every day or on a regular basis. Part of the pleasure for me is the spontaneity when I get the creative juices flowing, which happens occasionally but not often.

When I visit the poetry blogs, I wish I could write poetry from the heart, and I love reading the poetry. When I visit the photography blogs, I wish I could use a camera as well as those bloggers do. When I visit the informative blogs, I wish I were a more dedicated writer.

It is enough that I enjoy finding those special blogs and that I receive something from visiting them. It is enough that I am blogging and finding time to write what I am feeling and searching for a graphic or a quote to include in a post. This is a good experience to be enjoyed without pressure or expectations.

It is certainly enough.


Fancy said...

Awesome! This is a real life article from the heart, Technobabe. Please keep your creative juices flowing in the cyberspace. :)

I, personally, wish I can blog more often. But, alas, I have other interests, and other simple pleasures in life.

Thank you for sharing! Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fancy. Your encouragement is so appreciated. I know what you mean about having just so much time for blogging and all the other things we all do on the computer. Today I need to write a special birthday letter and make some signs for work and on and on. But my home life with my little family comes first, always.
Be well, Fancy, and have an awesome weekend.

Tisha! said...

precisely! blogging is an outlet for me too, clears my head and helps me get rid of excess energy and I won't have it any other way.

and when I can relate to other bloggers like you I go back time and time again for my own selfish pleasure! Thanks sweetie!

carina said...

You are SO right!
I enjoy having it as an outlet and it's fun looking back at entries from over a year ago...I also keep a handwritten (gasp, remember those haha) journal although I'm a bit better at staying sort of current with the blogs.
Every now and then I get too busy with life to spend a whole lot of time online and catch myself feeling guilty about not updating, not visiting my various online "places."
I have to remind myself that my "real life, face to face" friends and activities are most important! Messy and time consuming and I have to get dressed and drive and get too hot and too cold and do all those bothersome things LOL and you can't just refresh and backspace for a new version of Life 7.0....
I know a couple of people who spend so much time online they don't get out much anymore and interact with the real world face to face, and I think that can get too unbalanced.
I'm babbling huh.
I must say I love having a computer and it's enriched my life. My house probably used to be cleaner back in the old days though haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tisha! Exactly, blogging is an outlet not a way of life for most of us and the neat thing is that we are in control of it and not the other way around.

Carina, wow, I'm impressed with your hand written journal. I have a couple that I started and did not keep up with and are on the shelf now. Journaling and blogging are good for us and knowing when to be in the real world keeps us balanced.

Pookie said...

Your words are right on.

I was guilty of quiting. I had made a post a few weeks back saying goodbye to blogging because I had so much more to do.

Well, I came back to it.
I missed it. Plain and Simple.

When something would pop into my little brain that I wanted to share with friends, blogging made that possible. Sorry, too long winded there.

Loving your blog.