March 04, 2007

The Most Worthless Emotion

Someone said the worst emotion is self pity.

I think the worst emotion is fear. When I allow fear to dominate my emotions, I am frozen, cannot move. Operating from fear is worse than not moving forward, it is stepping backward. And guess what I am stepping in when I step backward?

Fear is "real" whether it is fact or imagined. Either way, it is very unpleasant, time consuming, and the things I need working for me have been shut down.

I used to accept the general consensus that there is such a thing as healthy fear. Fear of fire so don't put your hand in the fire. Caution is good; fear is debilitating. If I am not moving forward in harmony with the universe, then I am on auto-pilot to self destruct.

I am a fan of Louisa May Alcott:
"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship."

It is time for me to learn to sail.


Causalien said...

I always find Dune's Litany against fear a great help when faced with fear.

Fancy said...

Good work, Technobabe. If fear is an emotional response to danger, then learning to sail without fear is an expression of freedom. Thanks for sharing!

Tisha! said...

Louisa is brilliant.

Yes fear paralyzes you and often makes you imagine scenarios even before we try something, unfortunate.

I fear uncertainty, it drives me batty and since I've always had my shit together whenever there is a period of uncertainty I kind of lose it. I am in such a period right now and it's killing me but for the first time I am overcoming that fear with the help of my beloved friends.

So what if I can't plan, can't see what's any case it will probably turn out differently!

Shucks I am rambling.

Much love