March 01, 2007

Remember When You Were A Kid..........

Life is an adventure. We have to take chances to find out how it feels.


Carina said...

Yay! Verification words are back. I wrote some pithy comments here and there over the last few days only to find that I* couldn't post them because the word thingie was missing.

Yes, we do! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carina, good to hear from you again. Yes, that darn word thingie. Hope things are going great for you.

LiNaLaNi said...

hi babe, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. nice blog!

BBC said...


The word pain in the butt, I don't use it on my blog.

Your post reminds me of an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon I keep on my wall about having experiences.

And I've had many.

Cute blog, enjoy it.