July 21, 2009

Life Is Like A Tree

Found at the blog called Gurushabad:

"Life is like a tree;
them, us, you and me,
open your mind
and you will see,
we are all connected.
We were born on the same day.....
separated by branches,
we have migrated away,
nature and the environment,
our bodies from the earth.

If it wasn't for water
we would still be dirt.
Our origin is a mystery,
we come from a magical seed,
we are of different colors,
but we are all the same breed...

Life is like a tree
as delicate as can be,
harm one of the branches
you harm the entire tree.

Life is like a tree
them, us, you and me
open up your mind
and you will see.


Big Dave T said...

Okay now I feel bad. My son and I just cut down a big tree that I felt was growing too close to the house. I was going to let it go (grow) till I noticed the sidewalk tilting from a root underneath. So the tree had to go.

I know this comment misses the point of your blog but I can't produce any deep thoughts right now.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Big Dave.
Life is LIKE a tree, but life is also practical and real. Sorry you had to remove the tree. May the universe forgive you.