July 31, 2009

Sugar Stacked Up For What It Really Is

Visit Sugar Stacks website to see how the sugar stacks up in beverages, snacks, veggies, and other foods. It's worth the quick trip over there to see how much sugar is contained in your favorite items. I am a visual person, and seeing the cubes of sugar stacked in front of the products, helps me see the amount of sugar in each item.

Peanut butter and jelly used to be one of my favorites sandwiches until I began the fight to combat onset of diabetes. Now it is just lightly spread natural peanut butter for me.


otin said...

I'd hate to see something like Dunkin Donuts!!! Must be about 30 cubes in a boston cream!

cinner said...

Good for you for watching the diabetes. It runs rampant in my family. So far I have not gotten it, knock on wood...when you start looking at things, it is amazing the sugar content. Good luck with it all. Take care.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is a scary amount of sugar! I am off to find something green to eat.

Berni said...

I saw that last week it really hits home doesn't it.

Thunder and lightening here and some small forest fires we need rain badly but it has clouded over so it is a little cooler

Jason, as himself said...

I'll have to go see what a can of soda looks like!