July 15, 2009

Slowly Moving Forward Toward The Light of Peace

Last year brought major change and upsetting and shocking experiences.
This year is a continuation of effort to understand
and overcome heartache stemming from that trauma.
What I am finding in this healing time is that
I am becoming a better woman as I recover.
Letting go of hurt and fear is making room
for alternate emotions: Strength of character;
Self confidence; Acceptance of what happened; Reverence for what is now. I am taking care of myself as I would an invaluable friend. My welfare receives serious attention. One small word can mean so much. SAFE.


Berni said...

I am glad you are feeling Safe I sounds as if you went through something really awful. Keep on your journey I hope you find the Prince of Peace

Ghost Dansing said...

i like Israel's version of somewhere over the rainbow.... you might like it too

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Berni, I hope you have recovered from the fly bites! You better remember to wear your hat every time you step out the door. Thanks for the kind words and caring heart.

Yay, Ghost Dansing, you did it again. Amazing. I had to forward Israel's video to all my family. Hugs.

Les Becker said...

"Safe." That's a state of being that hasn't occurred to me to ruminate upon. Now that it has, thanks to your post, I don't know whether I feel that way or not...

Or, more importantly, whether my child feels that way. Or (gulp) not.

I think I may be involved in some serious self-examination for the next few days/weeks.

Thank you.

Fancy said...

Your eyes have already seen the "light of peace", Technobabe. This is a great victory, indeed.

Be blessed!

TechnoBabe said...

Les, I did not understand the importance of peace in my life until I did not have it. I'm happy you are doing self inquiry. Peace to you and yours.

TechnoBabe said...

Fancy, I have been trying to leave a comment on your blog since you posted the latest poem. I cannot and hubby tried on his computer also with the same results. Do you think when we became followers we messed something up? Email me please:

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Safe" is a very good thing.

TechnoBabe said...

Yes indeed Joanna, "safe" is a very good thing. Hope things are safe and peaceful for you.