October 28, 2006


Incredible earth changes are taking place every minute on this planet. We seem destined to destroy this planet while we struggle to maintain a lifestyle that will no longer be possible when we completely eradicate the world as we know it now.
An article in describes a European commission interested in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

"Trade publications and financial news sources are taking note of the European Commission’s efforts to create energy efficiency standards by 2007. Announced after Al Gore's hero's welcome to Brussels, Europe has made clear that under a voluntary agreement with industries, 14 priority products, including computers, stereo systems, washing machines, lights, air-conditioning, and boilers, will be designed with a focus on conserving energy. The European Executive Commission, author of the draft standard, says the new rules could save 180 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2010, and put EU nations ‘on course for a 20 per cent energy saving by 2020’. The Commission will monitor industry's progress towards agreeing on common standards. It can threaten to impose energy efficient criteria later."

Some of us are creatures of habit; we like things to stay the same. Some changes are by choice; some we are powerless to avoid.

Some changes in life keep things interesting.

When the lights go out and the water rises, maybe even at the same time, it won't be interesting anymore.


Chuck Cliff said...

As I read the story of what we've done and do,
My heart breaks in sorrow, my head bows in shame.
We have killed all our yesterdays and tomorrows,
And today, and today, is busting into flame!

The TechnoBabe said...

Yes, it really might be too late to reverse or repair the damage that is the product of the shameful disregard for what was entrusted to us.

Maybe 50 years ago we would have still had a chance to pass on to the next generations a whole planet. All creatures. All natural vital organisms. What have we done?!