October 12, 2006

Fried Egg Sandwich

Tonight we fixed fried egg sandwiches. I think there must be lots of people who like their eggs like I do: more than over hard, more like crispy and crunchy. I cannot eat a runny yolk. And the white has to be firm.

Turn up the heat under the frying pan and drop a smidgeon of butter in, let it ooze a bit and then crack the egg into the butter, and break the yolk right then with the egg shell. Season a bit. Fry the heck out the egg.

Slap some mustard on toast and set the fried egg on the incredibly tasty (and healthy) Peanut-Butter - Sunflower Seed - Stone Ground Whole Wheat (made by JamesRaven) toast. Add some cheese.
Doesn't have to be a gourmet delight. Just want it to be tasty.

There it is. Dinner.


team gingerbread said...

Thats how I like my eggs too, sounds delicious

The TechnoBabe said...

Yes! I knew there was at least one other person out there who likes eggs prepared the way I like them.