October 09, 2006


Everyone has had at least one nickname in their lifetime.

When I was a young tomboy climbing trees and playing baseball with the boys, the neighbors called me Persimmon because I would climb the Persimmon trees and throw down the soft, ripe fruit to people standing below.

When my firstborn daughter was a baby we called her Punkin. When she was in college and money was not in abundance, she decorated a sweatshirt as a Christmas gift for me with some drawings and Punkin dominating the front.

But for the past year I have been called the most endearing nickname anyone has ever called me: Darlin. My sweet boyfriend calls me Darlin. Not all the time, which is really a good thing, because when he emails me or calls me and calls me Darlin it is a thrill and I get a big silly grin on my face.

This is one nickname I never want to outgrow.


JamesRaven said...

I like it when you call me your "sweet boyfriend." Mmmmm. Yes.

Carina said...

You guys are so cute!
My fave nickname was "Flatbed Annie." Figure that one out! LOL. (It's probably not what you think...)

The TechnoBabe said...

Carina, my first thought was flat behind, but it's probably something to do with a book you read or something like that, right?

Fancy said...

Nice blog!
I really like your thoughts on "nicknames",
For nicknames are a play on words that make me smile. :)

Robbeh said...

Hmm, I'm "lanky" (physical appearance). Although my personal favourite was "the smooth criminal" (basketball style). Most embarassing was when the boys at volleyball called me (suffix - "Rob", prefix: "sexy, handsome, BABY").