October 15, 2006

My List Of Natural Highs

My cousin sent me a list of things that were the top ultimate rewards in life. I decided it would be fun for me to list my own top natural highs and see if any of them are duplicates on her list. These are mine, not in order of priority, just randomly listed:

1. Being loved.

2. A good conversation.

3. Laughing so hard your side hurts.

4. Someone playing with your hair.

5. Holding hands with someone special.

6. Talking to an old friend after a long absence and talking as if
no time had passed.

7. Taking the time to watch an incredible sunset.

8. Knowing you are doing the right thing no matter what others think.

9. Listening to favorite music.

10. A good cup of coffee.

11. A bubble bath.

12. A special glance.

13. Getting out of bed in the morning and being grateful for another day.

14. Watching the expression on someone's face as they read something you lovingly write to them.

15. A perfect, romantic kiss.

These are the things that increase my sense of well being.

These are my natural highs.


Chuck Cliff said...

My problem is with #3, I like like that kind of laughing, but I'd prefer "laughing so hard that you fart", I hate getting a stich in the side...

The TechnoBabe said...

Hi Chuck, actually I was going to say "laughing so hard I peed my pants" but decided not to say anything so crude as that. Smile. My sweet boyfriend, James Raven, makes me laugh when we are playing darts and I confess I had a couple accidents and then we laughed even more. I would only confide this to you though since you are a buddy of James.