October 08, 2006

Reading, Writing, and Surfing

For a year I surfed blogs and read and learned and was comfortable with reading only and not having a blog. Then last month I decided to start writing in a blog of my own; however, I have no expectations or a need to reach certain milestones while writing in this blog. There is absolutely no pressure being put upon me by my boyfriend or me or anyone else to perform in any way. So writing in this little blog is for fun. Yeah, fun being the key word.

While I surfed the blogs during last year, I would see some posts of apology for not writing in awhile, or posts expressing sorrow for being so busy in their LIFE that they did not write a post, or that they were going on vacation in their real LIFE and would not be writing in their blog while they were gone. I don't think I will ever feel like that. Since I have no expectations, and since I have a full and busy life, I am not putting any pressure on myself regarding this blog.

Yes, it is great fun when someone stops by and leaves a comment. I leave comments on all sorts of blogs, not just to leave a comment or to direct them to my blog, but just because I actually want to say something regarding a particular post, to join in the blog conversation.

The reason I am writing about this now is that I am reading a book by James J. Kilpatrick called The Writers Art that was recommended to me by my sweet boyfriend, James Raven. I have never felt like a very good writer, and it will be interesting to see changes and/or improvements in my writing skills as I read this book and others after that and apply the lessons I learn in the books on writing.

This is strictly for my evaluation. Since I am the one critiquing my writing, I am the one who wants to see growth and improvement in my writing.

Looking forward to one more adventure in Technobabe's Adventures!

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