October 08, 2006

Little Sticky Notes

There is quite a collection of little sticky notes accumulating in every room of our house. Yellow Post It notes hanging precariously on a cupboard door, swinging in the breeze each time the door is opened. Blue Post It notes with quickly drawn faces and writing. Sticky notes on the file cabilet. Inside a book, there will be a sticky note with a hand written message to be discovered when a page is turned. It is such a little thrill to lift a lid or a box and find a note.

It is more than sticky notes these days; there are drawings on the hair dryer; hearts written in magic marker on the mouth wash bottle, as well as drawings on the toothpaste tube.

Some of the notes have hearts, some have faces drawn, some say "You are Loved", some say "Have a nice day", some simply say "I Love You". These sticky notes are evidence of a growing love and more adventure.


Robbeh said...

That is very sweet, and messy. If I ever do that, my girlfriend would be forced to regretfully pick it up and throw it in the bin. (She's a neat freaK!)

I can't wait until the day when your little yellow notes are on top of each other until you make a little flip book!

Carina said...

Ditto awwwww!
I have post-it notes around the house too, but it's because I am getting older and my short term memory is going to shit. Haha.
I didn't know your boyfriend was the Psychotic Patriot, I've checked out his blog before.
Nice work, both of you!