October 29, 2006

Is There A Connection Between Kissing And Allergies?

This must be "Allergy Season". Many people at work are discussing their symptoms and what they are doing to try to feel better.

There are times I sneeze and sneeze and my eyes are red and when the sneezing subsides, I am coughing for another half hour.

I found this information on Net Dr. that sounds good to me:

"A 30-minute kissing session may suppress the body's allergic reaction to pollen, providing welcome relief from hay fever, a new study suggests.

Scientists based at the Satou hospital in Japan found that kissing worked by relaxing the body and reducing the production of histamine – a chemical that the body produces in response to pollen, causing the sneezing, runny noses and streaming eyes that characterize hay fever attacks.

The researchers asked a total of 24 couples, where both partners suffered from hay fever, to spend 30 minutes kissing.

Blood samples were taken before and after to compare levels of histamine, and results showed that after the kissing session levels of the chemical were significantly reduced.

This was not found to be the case, however, when the experiment was repeated with cuddling but no kissing, with no change in histamine levels found.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Hajime Kimata, who conducted the research, said: "The results indicate for the first time that kissing may alleviate allergic responses."

It is already known that stress can cause an increased allergic reactions to allergens, suggesting that kissing has a relaxing effect, causing the reduction in histamine levels."

Thank you, Dr. Kimata!!!!!! If you need any volunteers for future studies.........

JamesRaven says:

We'll be taking the rest of the day off, including the extra hour, to make sure our allergy situation is addressed by this kissing treatment. Mmmm.


Carina said...

Heh. Interesting. Wonder why sex doesn't get the same results?

The TechnoBabe said...

The article used the word relax so kissing is relaxing and with sex the relaxing is right after.

Photography said...

Thanx for that techno :-)