November 06, 2006

Crisis: Danger or Opportunity

In a previous post in this blog, I presented this interesting Biorhythm Chart.

At Astro Jyoti they have this to say regarding the biorhythm chart:
"The dates on which the curve crosses the baseline are known as the critical days."

Also found in Astro Jyoti:
"Our physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive levels do not not remain constant. They vary, even from week to week. This is because of the effects of the constant biological fluctuations in our body because of the motion of the planets."

I like checking out my biorhythm chart periodically; however, the one word I cannot use is the word "critical".
I prefer the word "challenged".
I hear the word "critical" as being used to grade the seriousness of a patient's status during a medical crisis.

From Lessons4Living:
"In the Chinese language the ideogram for crisis is made up of two separate characters. One of these characters represents "danger" and the other represents "opportunity."

The way I choose to see something critical is to view it as an opportunity.
Sounds more positive, doesn't it? Seeing it that way helps me plan and forge ahead instead of feeling stuck in a bad place and not knowing how to change it.

So if my biorhythm chart says "uh-oh critical, critical", I receive it as "oh yeah, by the way, you will be challenged emotionally (or physically or intellectually) this particular day, so get ready for a great opportunity."


cindra said...

Dr. John sent me by this time, but I'll be back. I really appreciate your outlook on life!

Causalien said...

I often wonder if those are self fulfilling prophecy. The subconscious is a little brat that gobbles up any teaching.