November 26, 2006

Is Age A State Of Mind

Thanks to Matt at Empathy:
"Forever Young.

Feeling Old today? Well, don't!

Life is too short and too precious to feel old and tired, make today the beginning of the rest of your young life.

Here are 8 Ways to Stay Young and Healthy

Age? What's That? - Don't concentrate on numbers. (your age) if you use your numbers as a measuring tool for what you can or cannot do, you will start feeling old, possibly at 30! So forget your numbers!

Surround yourself with positive friends - Having "friends" who always seem grouchy or always getting you down and not being very supportive....can be a drag!

Learn, Learn, Learn - Keep learning about different things and adjust your interests throughout your life, keep your mind in a constant state of wanting to explore and learn about something new.

The Little Things - Take pleasure in a flower, or watching your children or grandchildren play, listen to their laughter and absorb that feeling. It really is a good feeling!

Laugh! - Laugh at yourself, at your mistakes, at your accomplishments, just laugh and don't take yourself too seriously.

Surround yourself with Love - Whatever you love, music, plants, animals, cars, surround yourself with them.

Share your Love - Tell the people you love, how much you love them everyday or whenever you see them and give them a hug or a kiss.

Volunteer your time - I say this a lot and I know from personal experience and from many many people telling me that it's true... When you give of yourself you feel really really good, sharing what you know with other people, taking the time to give a darn about someone else is just simply awesome!"

These are all good ideas. I hope Matt doesn't mind I used a different graphic!

For those of us who have had more birthdays than the younguns, we have our ways of staying young and keeping young at heart. We do not keep bringing up the number of years we have reached, as suggested in number one on the list. Not that the number would be depressing, just wasting the time acknowledging it would be a drag. I was depressed for a week around my 30th birthday, and that was the last time I paid any attention to my age!

I agree with the concept keep learning, keep challenging the mind, stay alert. I know people much older than I am who work crossword puzzles every day, puzzles that are much too difficult for me to master! I read every minute I'm not doing something else, so I am reading every day for a few hours, and I have a book with me at all times. Other than when I am driving, if I have a couple minutes to wait somewhere, I cannot get impatient or bored because I have a book to open and enjoy. Presently, I am learning new things on my job and striving to improve my situation at work.

Laughter is like medicine. Healing. Therapeutic. Rehabilitating.
Besides love, there are three things I cannot do without: Music, reading, and laughter. Reading and music are food for my soul and laughter brings my entire being into alignment and ensures there is still fun in my life.


happy and blue 2 said...

I'd add find someone to love. Like a dog or cat, ha,ha..

The TechnoBabe said...

That's a good one, a pet brings joy and is someone we are responsible for taking care of, they need us. Thanks for the input.

Tisha! said...

AMEN! Frowning adds wrinkles to our faces :-) Without laughter and music I couldn't have survived!

Matt said...

Thanks for Sharing and I absolutely so not mind you using a different graphic lol I like yours LOL