November 05, 2006


For some of us, if we are tuned in fully to our life and our inner self, we are adjusting and growing and evolving constantly. Some changes may be within, not apparent. But sometimes there are life transformations for all to see.
A new relationship.
A new address that involves tension and strain and hard work of packing and moving and unpacking belongings.
A new job. The emotional susceptibility during the transition of leaving the familiarity of a job and then the excitement and butterflies while learning new responsibilities.

At Trans4Mind he describes a job like this:

"Having a career path is a bit like being on a train. You journey for miles in the one direction and changing direction can be difficult - you need to get off at the right station, hesitate while you study the train timetable and the various destinations, perhaps taking a break to eat in the station restaurant - a beautiful space - then when you are ready, know where you want to go and know the right train and the platform for its departure, you leave the comfort of the restaurant and climb aboard."

And here he says:
"Life has natural cycles of action and reflection - movement and rest. Remember that during periods of rest and reflection you are achieving inwardly, you are deepening the connection to your heart and soul. This is the most valuable connection you can have. Allow it to blossom."

The next book I will order online is "When Life Changes Or You Wish It Would: How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times" by Carol Adrienne PHD. Sounds interesting.
The book review hits on these points that are particularly interesting to me:
"Clarifies the process of metamorphosis within emotional lives."
"Stop Struggling, Lean into Resistance, and Commit to Life, Not Just Security".

Metamorphosis. "Morphing". Not a one time experience, but rather, a continuous process. Forever morphing.
New word: evermorph.


Fancy said...

An interesting topic, Technobabe. Now, on the subject matter of metamorphosis, I take the view that we can change with the times and develop effective strategies for dealing with uncertainty no mater what what the future brings.

The TechnoBabe said...

Hi Fancy, how are you?
We are in agreement regarding change and being prepared mentally and emotionally and spiritually to confront the adventures bestowed upon us by the universe.