November 12, 2006


Surfing the blogs on BlogMad and Blog Explosion, it looks like there is still not harmony in this nation.

I don't want this blog to be a political blog; it is important to me that this is a free choice to write when I want and have fun writing. I wisely prefer to keep this blog a place to submit subjects of interest to me and allow myself the indulgence to write about them.

When I was younger, I wasn't aware or just don't remember such hatred and loathing between the members of political parties. But that is surely the way it is now.

That is a contributing factor to rejoicing in the harmony in our home. The atmosphere here is serene and comforting and accepting. And safe and encouraging.

Big Sigh. Three cheers for Harmony.

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Causalien said...

Do a search for Taiwanese parliament brawl.

I used to watch it as a kid for entertainment. It is real, it is live and it's a bunch of politicians duking it out with very bad form