August 17, 2009

Don't Be Shy, Sweetie

Photo: Melissa Brandts

Hubby sent this to me. He loves this picture. We watch squirrels in the yard every day and try to get good pictures of them but have never been able to get one to pose for us!!

"We had our camera set up on some rocks and were getting ready to take the picture when this curious little ground squirrel appeared, became intrigued with the sound of the focusing camera and popped right into our shot.

It was a once in a lifetime moment - we were laughing about this little guy for days! said Mrs Brandts."

The picture was submitted to the website of America's National Geographic magazine.


cinner said...

That is great, reminds me of Caddy Shak..Very cool, a once in a lifetime shot. Have a great day.

Jeni said...

Great shot! Talk about setting up at the right place at just the right time, huh?

Shadow said...

this happened for real??? wow. you are the chosen ones, heee heee heee

Shadowthorne said...

I've tasted squirrels, for real. A bit stringy, but rather good in a stew. :)

Don't hate me cause I feel nothing when eating fuzzy creatures. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

That is too awesome for words. You can't manufacture a moment like that... unless you have really good software.



Brian said...

Ha!...awesome photo. That little dude is cool.

Irish Gumbo said...

A satori moment if I have ever seen one...I dig it.

TB, thank you for your kind words on the loss of my brother. I appreciate the good vibes. From my heart, thank you.

Margie said...

Oh this is just an awesome picture!
I saw it on the news tonight!
Love it!


Travis said...

I guess that picture is really making the rounds. It's pretty cool!

Thanks for cruising by my place!

Captain Dumbass said...

I love the look on its face.

PS. If you were serious then yes, you can use any of my kids sign pictures.

Big Dave T said...

Classic, isn't it? I saw it on the Today Show. I guess host Matt Lauer at first thought it was fake.

A Free Man said...

Fantastic! I miss squirrels.