August 08, 2009

Marriage Enrichment Poem

A wonderful poem titled "Marriage" was the inspiration for this post. Margie at "When The Heart Speaks" has given me permission to share her poem on my blog. Thank you, Margie.

"Marriage is an instrument
designed to be played upon
by twenty fingers, and which,
when tuned with delicate precision
by human love and empathy,
is capable of exalting souls
and moving mountains; however,
the music is composed by two artists,
the songs are sung by two mouths
and the martial concert is directed
by two conductors;
thus the longed-for-achievement
of perfect harmony demands
a deliberate and calculated
double self-sacrifice,
that from this union of two
there may arise
perfect oneness."

Marriage is a special subject for me. And this poem awakened my intense passion for the commitment of two people making choices to enhance and adhere to the sacred bond of togetherness. Everything in this poem audibly describes the joint effort of two lovers to achieve oneness. Our eyes and ears are not solely for the beloved, we drive to jobs and talk to other people, but our hearts are reserved unquestionably for the specific person chosen by the intense joy in loving someone unconditionally.


Margie said...

I really liked what you shared here about your views on marriage & glad my poem was the inspiration for this post.

Thank you....I am honored!


cinner said...

I loved Margies poem, I am coming up to my 10TH year anniversary. Love is great when it finds you. This is my second time around, and worth every mistake I made in my first.Don't ever settle!

Brian Miller said...

an amazing piece, bot the poem and your words. marriage is an amazing captured so well. nice pic too.

Akshat said...

I simply adore...Margies a big fan...

She writes pretty inspiring things....

Marriage...don't know....But I totally agree that we all are seeking our souls other half.....and a gazillion special never-ventured feelings are reserved for the special one!!!

Fancy said...

What a lovely poem - wonderful imagery! The last line takes the cake, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

A great post from Margie and you. Lovely jubbly ;0)

Spencer L Casey said...

Great work. My love and I are approaching 15 years now. Still get excited when she walks into the room. I feel we're more exception and rule though. Lots of unhappiness around us. Beautiful poem.

I think she might have meant marital in this line though "and the martial concert is directed"



Spencer L Casey said...

... meant "than" rule, of course.. sorry about that.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great poem..thanks for the photo too! :)

Shadow said...

what a poem! it is outstanding. i'm glad i popped in here and read it.