February 10, 2010


Debby, at the blog Just Breathe is sharing an award with twelve of her followers. Thank you, Debby.

If I could, I would have a button on my keyboard that would enable me to fly around to the amazing blogs I read and continue to find and leave a magical award in my wake. Like sprinkling angel happy flakes or maybe chocolate kisses.

Green-Eyed Momster shared the Kreativ Award with this little hippie blog. So here we are with two, count 'em, two awards at once. Kewl!

When accepting the Kreativ Award I am supposed to list seven things you probably don't know about me, so here they are:

1. I like to wear a toe ring on the second toe.

2. One of my favorite jobs was driving a forklift and heavy equipment.

3. I really want to get a cat (Some of you know this).

4. When I write about me or people close to me I write in the third person.

5. One time I drove an Alfa Romeo around the track of an international speedway as fast as I could drive it!

6. My eyes are blue.

7. My young years were in an alcoholic family but I have never personally had an alcoholic or drug addiction. Too many other problems to waste time on drugs or alcohol!!


Ronda Laveen said...

Congrats and great 7 things. Would love to hear the story about racing the Alfa

cinner said...

congratulations on your awards, nice to learn more about you. take care.

Rock Chef said...

I used to drive a fork lift too - great fun!

Brian Miller said...

congrats on the awards. i was a forklift operator as well. i wanna hear the alfa story as well.

Lou said...

Get a cat! They are wonderful (albeit aloof) friends!!

Betty said...

Forklift, huh? Interesting.
Nice to get to know you better.

Shadowthorne said...

I drove a forklift once.... and damaged some stuffs with it. Accidentally of course.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations on the awards and it was fun to read the 7 things. Forklift driving sounds like and interesting and hard job.

DJan said...

I also was fascinating to learn about the forklift. And so many of your followers drove one too! I think that is amazing. And the Alfa Romeo! How about a post about that experience??

Syd said...

Good stuff about you. Driving an Alfa Romeo must have been cool. As are cats!

Margie said...

Hi TechoBabe
I really enjoyed learning more about you!
You have had such an interesting life and are such a kind person!
That is what I like best about you!
So nice to have a kind and dear blogger friend like you!

Guess what, my hubby had an Alfa once but when we were moving cross country and I was following him in his Alfa, I got to close and bumped into him at a light.
He did not keep the Alfa after that!
Bad me!

Congrats on the awards!
Such nice ones!

Have a wonderful day!


Enchanted Oak said...

I'm with everyone else. Tell me more about the Alfa experience, and the forklift, too.

Ina in Alaska said...

I am sure a nice shelter cat would enjoy moving in with you, xoxo

Big Dave T said...

Ditto on comments the others have made about wanting to hear about your one lap race aboard an Alfa. And if you say that it was a Alfa go-cart on a track in Canada, that doesn't count.

Hope you were a good forklift driver. Where I worked this one summer there used to be a forklift driver named "bomber." He was always knocking stuff over and running into things. You made sure to stay out of his way.

blueviolet said...

When will your cat dream come true?? You must expand on this race car story!

Congrats on your awards!

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

You and aretwins soul on many of these esp the last one,.. Better for it I am and so are you I am sure of it! <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards!! It's nice to get to know ya a little better! ;)

lisleman said...

from fork lift to a fast Alfa Romeo - so next you should plan a ride in a jet.
as always - interesting stuff - excuse me I just swallowed some angel flakes - cough - that's better - don't know where that came from.

Just Breathe said...

Your very welcome. I have had a toe ring on my second toe, right foot for about 15 years. #5 sounds wonderful, I have always thought that I would be a great race car driver. I too come from a family of alcholics :( I like a nice glass of wine in the evening but that is it. I'm glad you didn't follow either.

just jill said...

Kudos on the awards..two at once! I, too, wear toe rings on my second toe (i think it's my second - the one next to the big one) but I wear one on each foot and I never remove them (well, hardly ever).

anupama said...

Dear Friend,
I love to addres you by your name.I reached here on the right time of celebration.hearty congrats for winning two awards.
HAPPY PROMISE DAY!If you have promises to keep,you may fulfill them.
Wishing you a lovely day!how beautiful your eyes will be!I miss the most beautiful eyes of my life!

Debbie said...

I can't imagine driving a forklift! What a fun list.

Anonymous said...

I wear a toe ring and have blue eyes too... i think we must be twins!!

Great 7 :)

LadyFi said...

Congrats... and driving a forklift? Cool!

Julie said...

The fact that you have driven a forklift and heavy equipment is so cool. Your life is very interesting. But more importantly, you're an awesome person! Congrats on the well deserved awards!

Kathy M. said...

Great list. I feel like I know you a little better. Congratulations on your well deserved awards. Your blog is one of my favorites, and I always appreciate your comments on mine.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Curious - you wear a toe ring, do you practice yoga?

secret agent woman said...

Congratulations on both. (#6 && are true for me, too.)

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your awards! I am delighted to learn a few things about you! Thank you for sharing.

Yousei Hime said...

Toe ring . . . cooooool. I've tried them, but have never gotten in the habit (short, fat toes).

Forklift? I've thought about that. Lucky.

Cats are cool. (you already knew I thought that, right?)

Alfa Romeo . . . ahhhhh, I'm so jealous.

Me too! Me too! I have blue eyes too.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards!

And seriously, driving a forklift-- How cool is that!

It's good getting to know you better Miss Blue Eyes :-)