February 22, 2010


This picture was in a post at Strat-o-Blogster. He found this at The Strat is longer than a football field!

Thud! Another squirrel landed on the roof.
His cousin is begging for food at the back door.
The possums venture out at night.
We're learning a different way here.

Sometimes a hundred birds cover the yard.
While others sing from high in the trees.
There is a magical scene when we stop to look.
We're learning a different way here.

The giant raccoon comes to visit every day.
He checks for leftovers the squirrels missed.
All the critters get along in the yard.
We're learning a different way here.

Three seasons the corn gets ten feet high.
Acres of green and designs in the fields.
Friendly people who aren't hurrying everywhere.
We're learning a different way here.

Note: The picture inspired me to write this. It is a connection between the guitar playing hubby and our living in Nebraska two years this May.


Ronda Laveen said...

That guitar field is stunning. So is your poem. Great connections.

Akannie said...

Great post, girlie.

We have been here 5 years this May. Actually officially moved in then, I had been coming here since February putting in carpet and painting and moving vanloads of little stuff at a time. lol

LOVE that your poem.

I'm off to bed....up as late as you!

Eternally Distracted said...

Great post and great sentiments... I love hearing happy things :0)

cinner said...

Oh I love this, loved the photo, loved the poem, a different way of life, a slower life so you can enjoy it more. Great poem my friend. take care.

Ms Hen said...

Wow.. cool poem and I love the guitar field..

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Your description of your life is actually quite sweet! LOVE the guitar field!

JStar said...

Nice poem :) and I love the pic

Kathy M. said...

For several years, I lived in a town of 2,000 in a very beautiful and very rural part of New Hampshire. I thought of it as my Walden Pond. It was very healing. Life was different there. It was so new and wonderful to me. Your poem reminded me of that. Thank you.

Jeanie said...

The picture is incredible and you poem is a great depiction of a life of contentment.

DJan said...

You are very talented to write a poem like that, inspired by a wonderful picture. Getting that guitar drawn with a lawn mower must have been quite a project. Writing that poem could only come from a poetic, artistic mind. Thanks for this!

Brian Miller said...

glad it was not a crop circle by redneck aliens...nice pic. loved the poem as well...i grew up on a hill surrounded by family in the sticks...

Shadowthorne said...

:) Nice poetry. With so much wildlife!

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm wondering where you moved from. Rural America is a fabulous place to live. The squirrels and possums drive our beagles nuts. Around here, the biggest danger is hitting a deer on the road, as opposed to drive-by shootings as we had in LA.

TechnoBabe said...

Thanks, Ronda, for the encouragement.

Akannie, you seem to have settled in at your wonderful piece of heaven nicely. You and your animals.

ED: You want to hear happy things just re-read your posts!! I can't promise posts to be happy here, but I can promise they come from deep within.

Cinner, glad you like the poem and photo. Yes, life is much slower where we live now, there is time to relax now.

Ms Hen, see the walking exercise is helping the brain to work too!

AFNM: Life is sweet now that's for sure. Thanks for the nice comment.

JStar, glad you like the post. I checked out your blog too.

Kathy, I've been to NH and it is lovely there. Glad the poem brought you some peaceful memories.

Jeanie, contentment is a good word for my life today. Thanks for all your great comments.

DJan, Now that I am relaxing I am able to retrieve some of the artist in me, yes. Getting older doesn't mean giving it up does it? Your posts speak volumes to that, you spunky girl!

Brian, any time you read something I write and think it is good I know it must be because you are a top drawer writer.

Shadowthorne, Hope things are going well with your brother and your family.

Enchanted Oak, we lived in San Diego before coming to Nebraska. Last year I saw so many more deer than this year. Maybe in spring we will see more.

Margie said...

Hi TechoBabe
I loved your poem!
Wonderful writing my friend!
And that photo is just awesome!

Hugs to you!
Have a great day!

Margie :)

otin said...

It is so nice to be someplace where the corn grows high and the pace of life grows slow! Similar in North Carolina!

just jill said...

aaaah...the fresh air and slow pace of country life! beautiful poem!

Maggie said...

Awesome poem! Th piture is amazing! :)

secret agent woman said...

The Southern cousins of all your critters are over at my house.

TechnoBabe said...

Yes Margie, hugs back atcha!!

Otin, you know the peace of living in the country.

Just Jill, I appreciate your kind words.

Maggie, thank you for the comment.

secret agent woman, you and I can share. There are plenty of critters for all of us that's for sure.

Unknown Mami said...

Love both the photo and the poem. You can write.

Syd said...

Great photo. I too live in the country and at night the raccoon and the opossum come to visit. During the day, it's the squirrels and the birds.

TechnoBabe said...

Unknown Mami, thank you for the encouraging words.

Syd, then you know the peace of living close to the critters too.
I cannot live a city life again.

Yousei Hime said...

Great picture. Even better poem. I love living out in the country. Hope you're enjoying it too.

So glad you enjoyed the faery poem. I rather like it too. Thanks for visiting.

Lou said...

I'm not ready for a different way yet, but I might be some time in the future. MY hubby loved that pic!

Everyday Goddess said...

I love crop art.

Do they still have the Aksarben State Fair?
My grandparents used to take us to it when we were kids and visited them in Omaha.

I liked the fair better than driving through Boys Town. WTF? Why did they take us there?

Spencer L Casey said...

Wow, those aliens are getting pretty fancy schmancy with those crop circles. I had no idea!

I loved the poem. I'm ready to learn a different way. You have a hired hand house or something? That fits four? And two dogs? And a garter snake?

LadyFi said...

Isn't country living just grand?

Julie said...

Beautiful words! I love the descriptions of the animals and land and "We're learning a different way here." Too many people move to rural areas and want the culture to change to meet their former way of life. So I love how you are open minded and willing to learning about your new home. It sounds beautiful. The picture rocks, too. Thanks for sharing!