September 04, 2006

An Anniversary Prompts a New Beginning

Yesterday was a significant anniversary in our house. It was the one year anniversary for my boyfriend and me. In tribute to that special landmark, I am starting my very own blog. I am not a writer, more of a reader, but this is going to be a fun and challenging adventure. My posts will be short and sweet and to the point, and on varying topics of interest to me. There are not rules or regulations and no promises to write every day or even to make any sense. Freedom. Yeah, that's the ticket. I so enjoy surfing the blogs and reading hundreds of blogs each day; perhaps once in awhile something I will post will be of interest to someone out there.


Anonymous said...

It is an honor to post a comment on your blog, and I look forward to some great content coming from your beautiful mind and spirit.

Anonymous said...

The TechnoBabe thanks you for your support and loving.