September 12, 2006

Voter Registration

The Registrar of Voters canceled my registration to vote!

The mailing address I use is a postal center. It seems a little smelly to me that when I was a registered Republican it did not matter what the address was; I received all the ballot booklets and information in the mail. Being a safety conscious gal, I am careful not to give out my residence address and pretty picky about who gets my cell phone number. So for many years I have used a postal address with the registrar of voters. But within one week of downloading the form on the Registrar of Voters website and mailing in my change of party to Democrat they cancel my registration and tell me I have to start over in the registration process. The cancellation did prompt me to visit the website of the Registrar of Voters, and review the instructions online, and sure enough, it does say to use the residence address:

"Box 2 — Home Address
Put in this box your home address (legal address).
Do not put your mailing address here if
it is different from your home address. Do not
use a post office box or rural route without a box

Just seems odd that I was not notified of this little item until I decided to officially change from Republican to Democrat. So I completed the form immediately and am following up on my voting status.

I wonder how many other former Republicans are suddenly being informed they must comply with a rule that in the past was not enforced.

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