September 18, 2006

Salute to Jimi Hendrix

"Jimi Hendrix passed suddenly on September 18, 1970 while touring through London, England. When news of the tragedy made its way to James “Al” Hendrix, (Jimi's father) back in the United States, the wheels for a lasting memorial began to take shape. Al Hendrix requested that Jimi's body be brought back to his birthplace of Seattle, Washington so that a burial at a new family plot, located at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton could be performed.

Despite having barely enough funds to bring Jimi's body back to America, Al Hendrix created a family burial site, consisting of five plots; one for Jimi, half-brother Leon, half-sister Janie, Al Hendrix and his wife Ayako 'June'. With Jimi being the first laid to rest in the new family plot, a modest headstone engraved 'Forever In Our Hearts

Go to the Jimi Hendrix website for more and photos where the quote was found here.

My sweet boyfriend and I just recently watched the DVD "The Band Of Gypsys, Live at the Fillmore East". Since Jimi was instrumental (so to speak) in directing my boyfriend's guitar playing, we both salute Jimi today. And I personally thank Jimi for his guiding my boyfriend to want to play so well. My boyfriend is an awesome guitar player!

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