September 09, 2006

Remembering, Questioning, Learning from 9/11/2001

Facts and Figures.

That's right folks, step right up and go here and here for some of the facts and figures resulting from the tragedy of 9/11/2001. Here are some more, and here.

The actual cause of what happened in this country on that date is being questioned and investigated still, and the very fact that everyone across the nation cannot agree on the cause is enough to bring division and mistrust and in some cases even hate.

We can all agree though that it was an absolute tragedy. None of us would have ever imagined that anything as traumatic and heartbreaking could have ever happened in this country.

But this isn't just about facts and figures. Five years later some of us are still in shock. And still caring about the wives, husbands, children, and extended families, and friends of the people who lost their lives that horrible day. What has become of all those people? How have they healed, if they have healed, and how have they moved on with their lives? Do they know that so many of us think about them often, not just on an anniversary of that day, but throughout the year, year after year, sending silent love and support to all those people we don't even know.

This country is the United States of America, emphasis on united. Where is the unity now? What has happened to this country? Will we ever have the respect of the rest of the world again? Will we ever respect each other's right to be an individual and not sheep being fed from the trough of slop similar to brainwashing? Will we? Ever?

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