September 15, 2006

Finding a Job Is Hard Work!!

More and more people are out of work and trying to find a job. I personally know several great people who right now are a month away from having their electricity discontinued and a month after that they will be living in their cars. How could they have allowed things to get to such a dismal place in such a wonderful economy?

Well I can only speak from my dismal place, as I have been job searching online, sending customized cover letters and resumes and spending hours and hours every day trying to land a job. Searching for a job is pretty much a full time job!!!

I feel fortunate that I have all the equipment in my home office available and I am pretty handy on the computer, whereas some of the good folks I have talked with recently have to use public copiers and faxes, which means they even have to pay for those services, and they are the ones running out of money. Ain't life grand.

Since the business I relied on to work from home has declined steadily over the past year, I find myself in the situation of having to be open to working in a totally different field, which I am. I am absolutely positive I will find a wonderful job, because Wall Street said they are all over the place.

Graphic: pcweenies

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Anonymous said...

The best of luck to you in your new career and your new path!