September 04, 2006

It Should Be So Easy To Get That Education

When I found this article about education, my innards started churning. Of course it would be nice if the student financial aid had not been cut. That would sure help get that education, wouldn't it.
"If you keep getting a good education, it increases your standard of living but also helps this country remain strong economically," Bush told members of the Seafarers International Union at the Paul Haul Center for Maritime Training and Education, which is run by shipping companies in Piney Point, Md.
Well it seems that is not necessarily true anymore. That college education isn't guaranteeing a good job like it did twenty years ago. But the part that really caught in my throat was the part about IF we want to remain a productive part of society, Yee Gods, that was not a quote so it seems to be the writer's short version of something said in the delivered speech. But for some reason, the way the story was delivered sparked its own controversy. Let's hope there will be enough jobs in all our futures to sustain us and position us to live those productive lives!

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