September 25, 2006


Every single minute of every single day we make choices.

Yes, we choose when to get up in the morning, and what to eat, and what to wear. But the choices that are made from the inside out sometimes affect other people, such as drugs, alcohol, even lifestyles.

This article at The Do It Now Foundation mentions more choices in a non accusatory style.

"From the moment we wake up and decide what kind of mood we're in to the final choice we make whether or not to floss our teeth at night, we're all making decisions, all the time.

We decide whether to shoot hoops or watch TV after school (or watch hoops on TV), and whether to have vanilla, chocolate, or Strawberry-Pickle Parfait at the local 57 Flavors."

I think this article is written mostly for adolescents but it does touch on some of the choices I have been thinking about lately.

These days we are making choices in an uncertain world; we don't know if our country will be invading another country, we don't know when or even if our troops will be coming home from Iraq, we don't know when or if there will be one or several nuclear weapons discharged on this earth (or even in space).

So for me to be okay, for me to keep going, I choose to be happy with my life for as long as I have breath in me. I am not living in a little bubble; I am so aware of all the grief and injustice and lies surrounding us. But for me to be okay in my day to day life, I choose joy. I choose because I still can.

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