September 14, 2006

The "New and Improved" Blogger

It would be interesting to find out how many people on Blogger "upgraded" to the new Blogger Beta, and how they like it thus far.

Since I am a new blogger, just a free talker and free thinker and not a writer, starting this blog is just for fun. No rules, no restrictions, no expectations. Yay. Kinda sounds like freedom to me.
So since I have no expectations, it doesn't affect me if no one reads this blog and if there are no comments.

But I know other people who were looking forward to the New and Improved Blogger Beta and are stuck in limbo for now. It seems that once they made the change, they cannot retreat to the older version, and even worse, bloggers still using the older version cannot leave comments on the New and Improved version. So in this case, being one of the first to jump into the newness is more like taking a belly flop. Ouch.

For over a year I have been surfing the blogs la te dah, surfing along, not leaving comments, just observing and learning. My interests have always been music, music, and more music, and education and photography. But this past year has been one of tremendous change for me as I have been awakened to the discrepancies and cruelty of this administration. I cannot deny the facts, I am no longer disillusioned, you won't hear the baah out of my mouth anymore.

So starting this new blog with Blogger Beta works for me. Unfortunately, it isn't bringing the same joy to everyone else.

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