September 05, 2006

We Cleaned Out Our Cupboards

Ten days ago I was experiencing headaches, slightly blurred vision, and low energy level. Nine days ago we discarded all products containing refined sugar and refined flour. Gone. Outta here. I have to admit that after a couple days I was definitely wanting my Coca Cola. Even got a tiny bit testy and cranky. The transition from all the sugar to all natural sweets is not only bearable, it is another adventure because we decided together to make the change and we are doing things together to make the journey interesting. Like making whole grain bread in the bread machine. Wow, have you smelled fresh bread? Amazing. When my sweet boyfriend brought up two questions: Why do humans need a sweetener, and what is in Splenda, we investigated the ingredients in Splenda. Do you know what is in your artificial sweetener, and do you know how it is processed? You should Google dextrose and Maltodextrin and then go find out about Phenylalanine. We did. So after only nine days my headaches are history; my energy level has improved; my vision is clear. This is surely a good thing.

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