July 29, 2008

A Barbeque Adventure

Going out to eat is not high on our list of wants and likes.

Every once in awhile we heed an inner summons to eat in a restaurant.

This was a semi-celebratory dinner; 7 of the 8 tunes on the soon to be released CD are totally finished. Done. In the can, so to speak. The last tune is the highly charged dance full of energy tune and just needs the final guitar parts played and recorded.
Needing a break from the consuming high energy work going here the past few weeks, we wanted to mark the occasion by enjoying a meal out.

I checked out some restaurants online and our choice was Famous Dave's.

Neither one of us had eaten at a Famous Dave's so we drove the 4 miles to the restaurant and had a memorable experience. I don't know if all the establishments with this name are of the high standards that this particular one is, but this was an awesome escapade.

We ate and visited with each other and enjoyed every morsel. Of course, we could not eat two-thirds of the food we were served, so we have plenty of leftovers to gobble at our leisure in the next few days. I should do a post about leftovers!!! My mantra is leftovers! Much praise and hooray to the staff at Famous Dave's. Thanks for the great experience and the delicious food. Three cheers to a winner of our culinary hearts!

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