July 15, 2008

Cost of Solar Energy

I forwarded an interesting article at Nature News to some of my homeowner friends who are contemplating installing solar panels on their houses.

The author of the article is Katharine Sanderson. Katharine reports on the physical sciences for Nature News. She has a degree in chemistry from Imperial College London and a PhD in organometallic chemistry from Cambridge University. Before joining the Nature news team in 2006, and branching out beyond chemistry, she edited features and reported news for the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine Chemistry World. In 2005 Katharine was named 'new business features journalist of the year' by the Periodicals Publishing Association. I tend to pay attention to what she writes!

The article reports "A simple sheet of glass coated with dye could be enough to cut the costs of solar power." It is an interesting read, go check it out.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Isn't it amazing that the one true source of energy feeding this planet is not used efficiently - esp when it arrives here from billions of miles FREE OF CHARGE
Looks like interesting reading!!

I saw you have many blogs on your Blogger Profile. I was curious to follow your comment on my post about "couples" not having the same interest in blogging.

Have you ever posted something adressing this?? I would love to see it :-)

Hello from Speedy!!!

TechnoBabe said...

Good idea, Speedy. Thanks for the great suggestion. A post about couples not having the same interest in blogging with be on my blog in a few days. And thanks for stopping by. You comment shows your interest in using the natural resources of this planet. Good for you.