July 18, 2008

Does This Make My Butt Look Bigger?

I have a subtle way of asking a question that does not have a good answer. I don't mean to; it must be in the genes (or jeans in this instance). Maybe guys ask leading questions too, fortunately for me, not in my house. My hubby has no problem asking something straight out. He is pretty knowledgeable and knows what he wants and how to find out all the information to make good decisions. So he seldom requests input or advice.

When I ask questions like this, we call them the "Does this make my butt look bigger" questions. There isn't a right or wrong answer but whatever answer is given, it is met with yet another question.

I am learning to think things through on my own before I ask one of these kinds of questions. I don't really want information when I ask this kind of question; most of the time it doesn't merit discussion. I am seeking validation and support but it comes off like informal interrogation. The good thing is that I am learning and we can laugh at the clumsiness of my learning curve by calling out another "Does this make my butt look bigger" question.


Kacey said...

I would never adk that question, because my butt is bigger than when he fell for me. Everything is bigger than it was at seventeen.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Kacey,
More to love!