July 21, 2008

When Both Partners Blog

"Good morning, Blogerette, did you find anything interesting this morning?"

"Hey, Dude, yeah, I was surfing the blogs and found something you should see."

This might be a typical morning greeting in a two person household today where both parties have one or more blogs. I used this photo deliberately to remind myself how very different it was at the time this picture would have been taken. No sitting at the computer in pj's fortifying oneself with numerous cups of coffee. NO BLOGS! NO E-MAIL!! NO GOOGLE SEARCHING!!!!

We are a two computer household. Intel Core Duo iMacs. I am the principal on this blog and I contribute to two other blogs that I share with hubby. He hosts four blogs and shares two blogs with me. Our writing styles are different as is the content of the blogs. I am more "feeling" based, and write whatever I'm experiencing at the time. Not that I am flighty (exactly), or mercurial, just lightweight (by choice).

His writing is based on reason and investigation. Because he has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder for over 40 years, one of the blogs is devoted to that subject. He writes with personal insight while remaining unbiased regarding the medical theories.

His writing as well as his music, are an extension of the spiritual energy he allows to flow through him. The natural metaphysical progression is obvious in his verbal and musical compositions.

James Says:

I'm honored that the words my lovely wife writes come from her heart and her mind, and let me talk a bit about her writing and style.

We're talking a huge, even quantum leap in quality, and quantity. She passes along little cultural snippets and other webby stuff, but don't miss her posts when she opens her heart and writes her guts out. Often subtle, sometimes brutal, her writing is always a pleasant surprise to me since she's been doing it such a short time, and she gets such a consistent connection between what she feels and how she wants to say it. I have the luxury of writing, sometimes even for money, for over 25 years, but she makes me humble every time she stretches out and writes long form.

TechnoBabe says:

As you can see, we have access to each other's blogs. This works for us. There are other couples who choose not to share admin rights with their significant others. To each his own. James and I have something in common that follows us throughout the blogosphere: We respect the right of all bloggers to their own selections of subjects and opinions. Couples who blog together like we do, don't really blog "together", we are in fact a couple of bloggers who are together.

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