July 16, 2008

Fresh Herbs

This morning I added another blessing to my "Grateful List".

A few weeks ago I planted some seeds in the flower bed at the side of the house. Now wonderful herbs are growing in the small plot of ground.

My pleasant choices are cilantro, sweet basil, oregano, and parsley. This was an experiment because I didn't know how rich the soil is here and had no idea if any small seeds trying to grow into tiny herbs could survive the storms. And they are thriving!!

This morning I went out the back door, walked a few feet to the corner of the house, and using my kitchen scissors, was awarded with some delicious fresh herbs to add to the skillet breakfast on the stove.

What an aroma and added taste sensation!!

Some delectable potato salad is in the near future, loaded with fresh herbs.

Like I said, another blessing. Tangible hugs for me from someone in the universe. Bring it on, I can use all the hugs I can get!!!

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