July 04, 2008


Imagine a world where people looked out for each other. Where there weren't any people who were worth more than others. Where there weren't a few people leading and having power over the majority of people. Where doctors studied without having to pay for the education and became doctors because they just wanted to help people be healthy. Where there wasn't any currency or money because people just shared what there was. There wasn't a need to hoard or envy what others had because everyone had enough. Where people spent time interacting and conversing and learning together because there weren't any TV or video games, but all the technology was only for the betterment of the planet and the inhabitants on it. Where parents didn't have to go to work and leave their children because the entire family participated in education together. Where fear was something to read about in a mystery book. Where love wasn't a romanticized fantasy, but something sacred and precious taught to children by example and given freely to all. Where talent was something to share not to boast but to encourage others to explore like talents. Where people of all ages are shown respect and admired for whatever their contribution or ability.


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