June 03, 2008

Bad Karma With Coffeemakers

Is it just us, or are coffeemakers a problem for everyone?

Two years ago we were using a new fancy brand name coffeemaker with a timer, built-in coffee bean grinder, pause and serve feature, automatic shut off and special features we did not even use. It died. Kaput. Since we gotta have our coffee every day, we ran to the store and bought a different brand coffeemaker with less fancy features but still auto shut off and pause and serve. Since we are usually in a hurry to drink that first cup of coffee, we thought we should have the pause and serve feature at a minimum.

Three days ago (Surprise, the coffeemaker died) we drove to Best Buy and purchased our third coffeemaker in two years. No extra features. It is either on or off. Period. The first two days it worked fine and by last night the evening decaf ritual was tainted by a nasty surprise of coffee grounds in the coffee. This morning's pot of coffee overflowed all over the counter. Since this is only three days old, we are NOT going to return it but rather we are going to make some adjustments. A couple things have now been removed and now there is no springy thing under the basket. No fuss, no muss. Nothing to clog. There is just a hole in the basket and the coffee goes from the filter into the pot. Whew.

Maybe we have moved past the coffeemaker dilemma and can move on to the office printer sleep mystery. That's another story.

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