June 29, 2008

Dirty Reading Glasses

Two years ago I joined the millions of people getting older, and one of the first changes I dealt with was the inevitable change in eyesight.

A visit to the eye doctor was a learning experience. I tried bifocals. Did not care for that as the job I had at the time entailed up and down motion from my chair to other rooms throughout the day and I found myself having difficulty with motion. I didn't get used to removing the bifocals each time I got up from the chair and then I couldn't see clearly when I walked. I then opted for two pair of glasses, one for up close/computer work and one for distance. That seems to be the best solution for me.

Since I have retired I have been re-evaluating different situations and the eyeglass thing is one of them. I probably have the bifocals around somewhere so I just need to look for them. Now that I am not working at a job I am not jumping up and down. In either case, I have a pair of up-close glasses on the desk by my computer and those stay there. I also have a pair of reading glasses that stay with whatever book I am currently reading.

I don't think I put my fingers on my glasses as I am careful when removing or picking up, so I wonder how my glasses get so dirty. Am I just a fanatic about seeing a clear image through the glasses? Or is clarity more than just looking through the glasses?

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