June 13, 2008

This Is A Fun House

It's been so many years since I really liked a house I was living in, and this house is more like "playing house". It is fun to wake up and see the critters in the yard and put some food out in the back yard for them. One squirrel has befriended us and comes when called. The rabbits and other squirrels and birds all play in the yard.

This house is just the right size too. Not so big that all our time is spent keeping it clean. But big enough to accommodate two people and some friends once in awhile.

The garage is becoming a favorite place for us. We're refinishing and painting some bookcases and a large entertainment center. Then we have some chairs to recover and paint. Plenty of little projects. It's also easy to work out in the garage.

Going in and out of the back door to the garage and the back yard throughout the day is pleasant and we are figuring out how to make things more convenient and customized to our lifestyle.

The old sewing machine works great and I have been busy making curtains. I find myself stopping throughout the day and being thankful for the quiet life here and the freedom to decide what project to work on or just sit and read a book.

This morning we rode the bikes about 7 miles and then came home and made breakfast, then walked about a mile around the neighborhood.

We are enjoying the life in this house and are calling it HOME. It's not just a house anymore.

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Nan said...

You sound happy and for that I am greatful. However it is strange not knowing where you are or what your life is like accept through your posts. We are great, wanted you to be among the first to know grand child 10 and 11 arrived this week. Hope and Carl had boy #3, Tyler Anthony on the 12th of June and Doug and Darlene had boy #2 Shannon Patrick on the 16th of June
Jacob and Logan were just 2 last month and born 8 days apart now these two just 4 days apart. So now we have been blessed with 9 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. The oldest, Kiersten starts high school in the fall followed by Nick, Michaela and Noah then a break until Kyle starts followed soon after by Zach, Jacob, Logan, Drew and the babies Ty and Shannon
Hope to hear from you I do miss you and continue to pray for you, you will always be my sis, Nan