June 18, 2008

My Every Other Day Energy

I am starting to notice a trend. My energy level fluctuates. Most of the time it is normal energy one day and not as high the next day. I don't use any energy drinks because they contain either sugar or alternative sweeteners.

For example, yesterday we rode the bikes for the 8 1/2 miles, came home and I worked in the garage hand-sanding a chair I found at a thrift store. The seat has been removed and I am going to re-stain a different color, and use black shadowing in the cutout back design. It is a really cool chair and I plan to use it at my desk in the living room where I use the sewing machine and write.

After the hand sanding, I used the electric sander on some of the larger areas, then cleaned the entire chair and put the first coat of stain on the main areas.

I did a few other things around the house as well; wash kitchen floor etc.

The thing I am noticing is that I don't feel as energetic today. We did the bike ride this morning and I have washed 3 loads of clothes, but I am not eager to go to the garage and continue the work on the chair. And working on furniture like this is my all time absolute favorite thing to do after of course time with the hubby.

Just noticing any trends since the retirement is new for me. So I am going to read my book today and may be do some yoga exercises this afternoon. And give my sore wrist a rest today and go back to sanding tomorrow.

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