June 06, 2008

Sore All Over

The bike riding is going better. Another adjustment to the bicycle seat helped and the gel bike seat cover is supposed to arrive today.

The ride yesterday was hard though. The previous night there was a major storm in the area but the sky was pretty clear in the morning and the wind didn't seem too strong as we drove to the parking area to leave the car and start riding.

It should have been a clue to me though that we did the first 4 miles in less time than ever before. So on the return ride we were trying to ride against the wind, which had by then become stronger. Possible 45 mph winds. The wind kept trying to push me and the bike over off the bike path. I am not the strongest bike rider (yet) so I was holding on and determined to finish on the bike and not get off and walk the bike all the way back to the car.

Bugs flew into my eyes and mouth. Yuck.

Mud on me and the bike.

The feeling of accomplishment when I rode all the way back to the car was awesome even if I couldn't talk for another half hour from all the exertion. Today my shoulders and neck and back and arms are so sore from trying to brace against the wind yesterday but after I decided I would not go riding today I still felt like I had accomplished something yesterday. And today I will work out to the Qigong DVD.


susem said...

WAY TO GO!! You should be very proud of yourself.And it is okay to take a break, muscles do need to rest. Nice going.

Causalien said...

Once I understood that the dirt is gone once I change my cloth, I never worry about all the inconveniences of the road anymore.

But I didn't start thinking about riding to work until I found out that they have a shower.