June 05, 2008

Home Deliveries

We have been living in this part of the country about a month and a half now. It is so peaceful and pretty here. The mailman introduced himself and the neighbors welcomed us to the neighborhood.

Because of the long move, we did not bring all our things with us, knowing we would replace some smaller items when we got here. That being the case, we have had several UPS and FedEX and mail deliveries.

Where we used to live if there was not someone at home to sign for a delivery, the delivery person had to leave a note on your door and you had to sign the delivery ticket and request they try again. It was impossible for a package to be left at an empty house because of the problem with theft. So the theft problem caused more work and consequently cost more money for the consumers.

Where we are living now, a pleasant delivery person walks up to a front door, sets down the package and gets back in the truck and goes on delivering packages. They don't even ring the front door. This is the standard operating procedure here. And the best part is the packages are safe on the doorstep. What a concept; people here leave their hands off things that don't belong to them. Wonder if some of the natives here would be willing to teach classes in other states on Thou Shalt Not Steal!

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