June 25, 2008

Grooming Day

We started a fun tradition a couple years ago. At the time, we had a small dog whom we groomed at home. Then we extended it to all of us:
Me, Him, and the Dog.

I would cut his hair and give the dog a bath and cut her nails, and he would put polish on my toenails. We no longer have the dog but grooming day is still part of our life with some additions. I still cut his hair, and sometimes I give him a manicure. He cuts my hair and puts the hair color on for me and still puts the polish on my toenails.

Taking care of each other brings us to a close place. We are comfortable with each other and we talk companionably during the grooming processes. The final product isn't the goal. The benefit is the affection we show each other while we provide our need for maintenance and good health. We feel safe and provided for in a healthy environment.

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