June 24, 2008


Watching the birds in the yard is a pleasure. Seeing them fight against the strong winds, then a slight tilt of a wing, soaring into the sky. It is beautiful.

Nature is a teacher. Watching the birds helps me to focus on keeping the balance in my life and in my relationship. Tilting my head to show I am really listening. Using my strength to move through the rough winds of disagreements while skillfully maneuvering a turn toward smooth sailing and resolving conflict.

In any relationship, staying balanced requires both parties to participate, just like birds need two wings.


... Paige said...

Thanks for coming by my place and leaving a comment.
My goodness you have a few blogs to choose from and they are all interesting.

Jeni said...

I have to thank you for visiting but need to explain something too. The blog you commented on is my place to experiment -not my regular blog site. My regular blog is this:

Hope you stop by there and visit sometime -stay awhile, have coffee and sweet rolls. The post I was playing with that you commented on was one I was experimenting with for a paid post opportunity that was creating a lot of problems for me. Maybe you can explain stuff about pay per post blogging issues to me since I can't get a straight answer to my issues from the company -Pay Per Post! ARRGH. They drive me bonkers!

Kacey said...

Great analogy....enjoyable post. I don't believe I am thinking that deeply any more. I guess I have the world by the tail on a downhill pull.bllk